A Damn Good Detective
"I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading, where rumors, true or false, are often revealing."

"Don't be shy now! Please, I insist you make yourself comfortable while you are here. Would you mind if I smoke my pipe? I am Colonel Hans Landa of the SS, and I am -delighted- to make your acquaintance. Have you any rumors? I'd love to hear them." Hans sits back and smokes his calabash with a mischievous grin.

//This is an independent RP account for Colonel Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds. I do not own anything unless stated otherwise.

fc: The amazing Christoph Waltz

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IMPORTANT: Hans is a multi-verse character! He has threads from WWII to the present. Send an ask if you want to rp!
Back to the Future@Cheryl

The early morning frost that started over the grass, and the thin fog that accompanied it, greeted Hans Landa as he stepped out of his home and made his way to the office. He had woken particularly earlier than his liking, but there was much to get done, and he had promises to keep. He was, all things considered, a man of his word. When he got to his office, he made the intended phone call to Her Karl Gebhardt about the current predicament a certain woman was in who had stumbled upon his office late the last evening. Very interested in this story, whether he believed it or not, Gebhardt was interested in meeting this woman and he was convinced he may have had a way back for her. 

Pleased with the news, Hans wasted no time to make a call to the hotel Cheryl was staying at, and waited patiently as they forwarded his call to her room. 

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    Cheryl rolled over in bed and buried her face in the pillow. She shouldn’t have offended him, but these words had been...
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    It didn’t take much more for Hans to feel offended and upset. He frowned and sat up from the bed, rubbing his face with...